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It’s over forty years since our senior partner, Robert Goodwin, entered the world of selling and renting properties in Stamford and the surrounding area – the same time at which Simon Burton his partner was at school here. Between them that means they now have over 65 years of experience and knowledge of the business of buying and selling people’s houses. 65 years of knowing what works and what doesn’t and understanding what it takes to sell or let your house. Having the experience and knowledge to navigate past the obstacles that are placed in the way on a daily basis is what makes the difference between a completed transaction and the property going back on the market. By combining our experience and professionalism we will guide the sale of your property through to a successful completion.

Key Points…

  • Member of The Guild of Professional Estate Agents – The Guild is a National network of almost 800 ‘best in class’ independent estate agents designed to become identifiably significantly better than the rest.

  • Park Lane Office – Our Park Lane office in Mayfair has touchscreen displays available 24/7 covering the entire country opening your property to this ever growing sector.

  • All The Right Connections – There are usually several investors looking to expand their portfolio at any one time who simply do not wish to register locally but whom we can access discreetly when an appropriate property is being discussed.

  • E-Zine – communicating with applicants who might be interested in your property and engaging with them in a way that captures their attention is becoming ever more competitive. We produce a fortnightly electronic magazine offering an enticing method of presentation increasing our chances of gaining interest for your property.

  • Video Marketing – 75% of internet users visit a website after viewing a video for that company. Producing a video display of your property with a professional voiceover offers yet another channel of distribution for your property

  • Web TV – We have our own bespoke Web TV channel which will enable us to display the videoette of your property to a wider audience. In addition to featuring this on our own site we also promote these through a mobile website, YouTube, Emailers and the E-Zine.

  • Facebook site – We have our own business page in Facebook with a built in property search tool and Twitter is selectively used for appropriate properties.

  • Regional Magazine – Our lifestyle magazine and regional publications are produced every six weeks and distributed across a wide region of fellow independent estate agents allowing us to share details of your property to an important target market of home seekers within a 50-100 mile radius.

  • Local Publications – ignoring the more traditional distribution channels is a mistake many of our competitors make but one we think is misguided. The first port of call for many buyers is still the paper.

  • Prime Town Centre Office – situated in the heart of Stamford Town centre we offer access to the largest and most prominent window display of any local estate agent.

  • Open 7 days a week – we never know when your new buyer is likely to be looking so we do our best to always be ready to offer a set of your details.

  • Internet – we advertise every property on our own website, Rightmove, On the Market and the Guild – this means potential buyers can always view your details 24 hours a day seven days a week
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